Throw Harder, Faster, Healthier 

Ipswich, MA. 

 Do you want to improve your ability to pitch or pass while avoiding injuries?  We also specialize in training ALL rotational athletes.  At Pitching Fix/QB ProForm, our goal is to develop pitchers, qb's and rotational athletes safely by teaching proper mechanics with an emphasis on arm injury prevention. 

 Gardy O'Flynn (Pitching Fix/NPA EAST Area Director) (Ipswich, MA) has partnered with the Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention (Boston Children's Hospital) as a Performance Analyst.



Gardy O'Flynn 978-500-0148  NPA AREA DIRECTOR

Focused on research in development of rotational athletes- baseball (throwing and hitting), QB's (throwing) softball, tennis, volleyball (serving,hitting), golf with the following organizations. 



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