NPA East 3D and High Speed Video Analysis/MASTROLE QB

(High Speed Video Analysis) Jacksonville Elite 2 Day July 7th-8th

ELITE 3D PACKAGE $895 Each player will receive:

  • 3D Motion Performance Capture & report put together by the MIcheli Center-  2 HOUR SCREENING and 3D Motion Capture at MIcheli Center (Injury Prevention Division of Boston Children's Hospital
  • PLUS- Personalized report on weak links and mechanical inefficiencies  with drills and exercises on the field and off (sent via server)  Gardy OFlynn (Pitchers/QB) 
  • Injury prevention Tips, working directly with Corey Dawkins and Micheli Center.
  • Customized training program to strengthen weak links, including arm and torso speed training!
  • Special local Hotel Package for out of town athletes


Stock No. Elite 3D Package  
Micheli Center (Boston Childrens Hospital)   analysis by Gardy O'Flynn $895.00  

Gardy O'Flynn works with MQA's elite High School, College and NFL QB's. He specializes in high speed and 3D video analysis as it relates to efficiency in the QB. Athletes who choose the option will receive a detailed breakdown of their current throwing motion at up to 1200 FPS.  Included will be drills and exercises to help fix any inefficiencies in the athletes mechanics.  O'Flynn was at the Jacksonville clinic on July 7th and 8th. Video will be sent on secured server and is individualized for the QB.


Stock No. High Speed Video Analysis  
Jacksonville Elite   Sign Up Special $75.00